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What are the prohibited uses of Mobii car fleet?

General Information
What are the prohibited uses of Mobii car fleet?
Allowing someone to drive a vehicle booked via Mobii who does not have a validly issued driver’s license, or who is unauthorized or ineligible to drive a motor vehicle under prevailing laws, ordinance, or regulation.
Driving a manual transmission car without being an expert in the use of clutches and manual transmissions. If the drive train of a manual transmission car is damaged, the renter will be presumed to be at fault and will be held fully liable to pay for the repair of any damaged components of the car without any further delay, without prejudice to any agreement with the host.
Allowing the vehicle to be pushed or towed by anyone other than an authorized law enforcement or service vehicle with the consent of the host.
Using a vehicle booked through Mobii:
to tow or push anything.
for “off roading” on undeveloped or unimproved roads.
in any race, test, or competition.
to engage in excessive or over speeding.
with the intention to cause damage, or with wanton, willful, or reckless disregard for safety.
to carry persons or property "for hire" or to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee, such as but not limited to, taxi services, TNVS services, and/or parcel, food, or grocery delivery services.
Unless a trip has been booked or modified through the Mobii platform, using the vehicle without a reservation or outside your booking period is unauthorized use and shall be subject to penalties, to be unilaterally charged to the credit card account, as specified in this Terms.
During or as part of the commission of a crime or any other illegal activity or purpose.
Driving is under the influence of alcohol above the legal limit or any drug or medication under the effects of which renders the operation or driving of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended.
When it has been loaded beyond its rated capacity or with more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts.
Driving without a valid license. It’s the renter’s responsibility to inform us when your license is expired or suspended, or if you believe you may no longer meet our requirements for booking a car.
To transport any flammable, toxic, volatile, poisonous, dangerous, or illegal substances and commodities.
To transport a pet in a vehicle that hasn’t been labeled as “pet friendly” or without the host’s explicit consent. Renters who bring service animals on their trip may be subject to a cleaning violation fee as per Mobii’s cleaning policy
Making any unapproved alterations, additions, or improvements to any vehicle booked with Mobii platform.
Smoking in the car.
Putting fuel in a vehicle with an improper or different type of fuel.
Leaving a vehicle unattended while it is running or with the keys in the vehicle.
Making fraudulent reports about a vehicle or a host.
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