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What are the things I need to consider before booking a car with Mobii?

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What are the things I need to consider before booking a car with Mobii?
You must have a Mobii account to book a car.
If you don’t have one, sign up now with a personal email address or your Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID.
The user must meet our age requirements to book and should review them before signing up.
All renters shall provide for:
Driver’s license number and expiration date.
Current home and/or office address
Credit card details as payment method, secondary method
Photo of the user for their Mobii profile
Valid passport if the driver’s license was issued by another country.
Other supporting government ID or documents which Mobii deems necessary.
The driver’s license must be valid up to the end of the booking period. A student or temporary permit is not allowed.
In some cases, we may ask for additional photos and/or we may check your personal and/or business credit report, and criminal background.
When you create an account, you give Mobii express instructions, authority, and consent in compliance with prevailing laws to obtain this relevant information.
You’ll be unable to book if you enter the same information (e.g, email address, driver’s license number, etc), as any other Mobii user when creating your account or requesting a booking.
Mobii has the right to decline your trip request and remove you from the platform because of your criminal background, driving record, or any other reason upon sole discretion of Mobii.
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