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Does Mobii charge an amount of money for any additional usage?

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Does Mobii charge an amount of money for any additional usage?
If you’re 15 minutes or more late to return a vehicle, your host can charge you for additional usage.
The renter shall be expected to return the host’s car on time. If there’s any chance of a late return, the renter must request an extension or modification via Mobii as soon as possible.
The renter can submit a trip request to extend or modification of the original booking at any time while the trip is in progress and up to six hours after the originally scheduled booking end time.
Once a renter submits the request, it’s helpful to notify your host so they can review it as quickly as possible. A trip extension or modification is only valid if the renter makes the request through Mobii and the host accepts it. If the renter keeps the host’s car past the scheduled end time without their approval via the Mobii system, the host and Mobii shall charge the renter for additional usage fee plus penalty for late return. 
As a renter, you won’t be able to extend your trip if your host doesn’t respond to or doesn’t accept your request, or if their vehicle is unavailable for all or a portion of the extended time due to another booking, a buffer between trips, or a calendar block. You won’t be able to submit a request if you have insufficient funds in your payment account. If you can’t request an extension, you must return the vehicle at the originally scheduled end time or immediately if the trip end time has passed. If you’re excessively late, your host may charge for additional usage and for the related fees listed below.
0-15 minutes late: No charge
16 minutes to 1 hour 59 minutes late: ½ the average daily booking price; to be credited in the earnings of the host, plus Php2,500.00 penalty for late return to be credited and charged to Mobii.
2 hours or more late: Average daily trip price for 1 day per hour; plus Php5,000.00 penalty for late return to be credited and charged for Mobii.
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